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Introducing Haventec Chief Engineer Naveen Neti

Naveen, Vernon and Ric during the Cloud Random Number Generator brainstorming sessions

With Naveen at our local brainstorming/ caffeine haunt.
It's about time that I share with you a secret weapon I have been relying on at Haventec. His name is Naveen Neti our chief engineer and resident clear thinker for many of our most important projects and innovations. Along with our Chief Architect Vernon Murdoch, we form Haventec's Red Team which is the small group who are usually tasked with breaking the back of the big problems we face in what is not an easy role as a cyber security company.
Photo of Naveen during one of our brainstorming sessions at Byron Bay where we had just fleshed out how to do Cloud Random Number Generation 
While all team members are A players, the core of our current efforts are around the meticulous and careful hardening and quality assurance of our core products which are becoming the first line of Defence in protecting millions of customers and the vast organisations that care for them... banks, financial services companies and large organisations. It's a heavy load to bare.

As a result most of the team comprises seasoned, experienced and quality centric professionals with extensive enterprise level experience. Naveen fits right in, which is really unexpected since Naveen is 26!

I scalped him from Ernst & Young, but that's not where I met him. Back in 2013 he was a budding entrepreneur that had arranged for some mentoring from me through the University NSW office of Commercialisation.

Photo from our first meeting
We instantly became friends and I helped him through some teething problems with a project called Re-Align which came whisker close to being picked up in the US.

During that time we wrote a patent together and developed a form of shorthand for exchanging ideas and technology concepts that made him a no brainer when it came time to code the first iteration of the Haventec Auth technology.

What I thought would be a 3 month coding exercise was over in a week with Naveen sitting opposite me in a cafe showing me the first working prototype of what is now the Haventec Auth server... I was so dumbfounded that Naveen asked me what was wrong.

I had to confess that not only was I amazed that my invention worked without a hitch, but also that he had done it in 10 days working part time of an evening.

Naveen and I sharing insights as mentors for students at University of NSW. Crazy to think just how far Naveen has come in a few short years.
We recount this story often. It is a fond and bonding memory.

Since then we have both been to mentoring sessions at UNSW where he and I have helped other students and now, whenever our boss Rob Morrish isn't pushing us to help deliver production code, we get to break the back of our big problems and to brainstorm new possibilities. Thus, the reason why a 26 year old is our chief engineer. 

Good on you Naveen.


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