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Love it when advice really works. Thx RB

Hey Ric,

I am not sure if you remember but I sat next to on a flight from Sydney to Gold Coast one evening and we had a long chat. I was an intensive care nurse from xxxxxx. You gave me some advice and recommended I readabout

about determining your strengths. Thought I would give you somefeedback. I read the book, found out my strengths and I have changed careers and more than doubled my income! Great advice - thanks!!

I really enjoyed meeting you.

All the best


The book he is referring to is

Introducing Haventec Chief Engineer Naveen Neti

It's about time that I share with you a secret weapon I have been relying on at Haventec. His name is Naveen Neti our chief engineer and resident clear thinker for many of our most important projects and innovations. Along with our Chief Architect Vernon Murdoch, we form Haventec's Red Team which is the small group who are usually tasked with breaking the back of the big problems we face in what is not an easy role as a cyber security company.
While all team members are A players, the core of our current efforts are around the meticulous and careful hardening and quality assurance of our core products which are becoming the first line of Defence in protecting millions of customers and the vast organisations that care for them... banks, financial services companies and large organisations. It's a heavy load to bare.

As a result most of the team comprises seasoned, experienced and quality centric professionals with extensive enterprise level experience. Naveen fits right i…

Byron Bay - AirBnB capital of Australia?

I never usually make comments on social issues and people that know me well know that my beliefs mean that I am completely neutral regarding politics. This position does not preclude me from bringing some alarming statistics to the attention of my neighbours.

My next door neighbours are nice people, but they are AirBnB operators and while the majority of people they have had stay are nice people, it does get tiring helping people understand that sitting next door to my bedroom playing music and laughing till 1 in the morning gets a bit tiresome for people that work and have to get up in the morning. It's nice to hear people happy, but here are some statistics to show that it is not fair on full-time residents to have to deal with overnight visitors every few days.

Number of households in Byron Bay: 3300 reference 2011
Number of AirBnb units Byron Shire available: 1483! ref inside Airbnb


THThe fol…
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