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Siri works... amazingly

I've had my iPhone 4s for a few weeks now and just realized something really significant has happened in the way I use technology. I found myself actually PREFERRING to reply to emails using my phone and voice dictation than typing at my PC.

The key was realizing that you can actually edit the text in the Siri screen after it shows you dictation results and also realizing that this actually helps the voice recognition system improve.

This became clear when I was constantly signing off emails as Ric and Siri would type out "Rick". When I started editing the emails, Siri picked up on the problem and started to spell my name correctly. Someone who says "this stuff has been around for a long time" is not a serious user of it..

I remeber when I used a mouse and a WYSIWYG display for the first time (on my first Mac and Amiga). The feeling was empowering... this darn phone is giving me the same feeling... a paradigm shift.

Inside the new fitted-out Dick Mobile... Man in the Van goes upscale

Nah, only joking... but looks impressive just the same. Came across this on Basically it appears that New Yorkers are fitting out transit vans and cruising around in things like this in between meetings...

Actually I like my thing more. I can put my dirt bike in it... my surfboard.. it opens out to let the breeze through and I don't have to lock it... best of all it has no computers, no screens.. just a good solid desk, a comfy chair and a big picture window that lets me choose any scene from around Byron Bay as my daily inspiration... Mmmmmm... I think I have it over these New Yorkers and probably for a tenth of the cost!
No I have not upgraded to a Mercedes.. still have the old Transit Van but this is the Van the guys in New York tend to use...

What has Ric been up to lately?

A lot of you have been asking what's been happening lately... well I've been pretty flat out! Last month I did a speaking event in Adelaide and a week ago to a great bunch of innovation managers for mid to large size corporations... I also have helped a handful of fellow inventors inch their projects forward.

Most mornings I start at 5am often working on problem solving for Fortescue Metal. They are really fun people to work with. Besides these I have the preparation for the new technology role out in January (that I have mentioned in this blog), another hush hush technology announcement that I have NOT discussed before (I'm waiting to see if the team involved hits their deadlines) and three other projects I can discuss.

These include a website to help Model Agencies get control over their clients photos and copyright, a group of Japanese businessmen visiting me to rethink the worlds Digital Rights Management systems and to design an inter-operative and better flavor of D…

Pretty big technology announcement coming within 4-6 weeks.

Update. This project has gone worldwide and will probably be announced in the US initially. An Australian announcement will follow so I will make sure to notify everyone in due course however it means that the main announcement will have already hit the press.

To those of you who keep track of what's happening in the world of Ric, there is a pretty big technology release and press event coming in the next month or so... it will be in Sydney at a location yet to be finalized and will involve as much of the press as is willing to turn up on the day, but I promise not to waste their time..

For those who visit this site often Id like to know if you would like to come along to see a little bit of new technology so if you would like to send me your email address (send to [email address removed due to abuse]) I will send an invite to you when it's all locked down...
Here's a clue... it is not an Apple iPhone App but everyone coming including the press will be invited to downloa…

Every good turn deserves... at least a thank you.

I have a little sad story to share... About a month ago, I asked the cashier at my families favorite Chinese restaurant why they didn't have a web site? She said they were not real technical and would not know what to do and in a moment of community spirit I offered to put up a quick site up for them as a favor... no obligation just a bit of a thank you to one of the local businesses...

I was thinking that I help local inventors a lot but it's nice to do something for someone outside of inventing every now and then.
So  I went home and dared myself to do a site in less than 30 minutes...
This is what I came up with....
It's pretty basic... just a scan of the takeaway menu and a Google Map etc but it was fun to do since it was an opportunity to learn how to use the new Adobe Muse software.
As a favor I registered the .au domain and got it directing to the site at a $20-$30 domain reg and DNS redirect cost... thats all ok...
Then I proudly ring the rest…

Fwd: notice of allowance for 11/470,235

Just received this email today from the Uniloc patent lawyer:

Gentlemen, On November 3 the USPTO issued a Notice of Allowance for Ric's invention entitled: METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DETECTION OF TAMPERING ATTACKS Congratulations to Ric Richardson on another U.S. Patent!  Sean D. Burdick, P.E. | Uniloc USA, Inc, Patent Counsel.

Another patent granted. I feel very privileged. This patent tracks to see if a hardware system is trying to fool the fingerprinting software into thinking its running on a registered device when it is really not... cool stuff even if I do say so myself... it was fun doing that invention.
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