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We need a new word for "homeless"

My dear wife picked up an Aboriginal couple  who were thumbing a ride who told her they had been moved on from Byron because they told the officials they were "homeless".

They hadn't done anything wrong... they had not been drinking. Had not been causing any problems.

But when asked where they lived they said they were "homeless".

Why is it assumed that if someone doesn't have a a home that it is because they are incapable of having a home?

Why can't it just be that someone likes to be unattached?

For the life of me I cant think of an appropriate term for it... traveler, on the roader, open liv-er, transient (nah used for something negative)

Any ideas?


Big banks vs ApplePay

Is the claim by Apple that consumers are not safe if they use anything else but Applepay on their iPhones?

This was the question that a great strategic thinker and advisory board member Ted Pretty put to me. And my answer… bunkum.

The ApplePay system is very secure. It uses tokens to verify identity and communicate with the banks to allow transactions, so in a way it is a step up in security from a standard card EFTPOS transaction.

But to say that ApplePay is the only secure way for a phone to talk to an EFTPOS device and the bank is just nonsense. Its tantamount to saying that every communication between any client and server is not secure unless it uses ApplePay… secure email? Safer with ApplePay, Secure web access… only secure with ApplePay…. it’s a sweeping statement that completely ignores the many proven secure technologies that are available to solve the phone to eftpos security problem.

Take Haventec Secure Wallet for example. To EFTPOS enable this highly flexible and secure t…
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