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Open Letter to Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard,
Ever since I first read your book "Losing my Virginity" I have been fascinated by your simple approaches to complex processes and your personal productivity. Thank you so much for sharing what are obviously private thoughts. Thank you.
Now to the purposes of this letter. If by a great stroke of luck (and your forbearance) you do see this letter, I would love to know some of the answers to these burning questions I have asked over the years. I'm sorry if you have answered them in other places but I haven't been able to find satisfactory explanations. So here goes:

About the Virgin Group ?
Lots of Aussies, what qualities attracted you to have them on your Group team?How does Virgin Group keep cash flow if equity is the main goal of the business?Is there any equity sharing with the team in Virgin Group?Is Virgin Group cashed by bank loans, or was there initially investors that were then bought out?About building new Venture Teams?
There seems to be a practice …

Ewingsdale Road Peak Traffic Congestion Plan

Typically I wouldn't get involved with local problems as I really try to apply myself to solving problems for Industries and everyday general users of technology. But the problem in my hometown of Byron Bay is getting so chronic that I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring.

The problem: To enable emergency vehicles and selected public transport, such as the sports ground to CBD shuttle, to have direct and uninterrupted access to the full length of Ewingsdale Road. Note, this is not an ongoing solution but simply a recommendation for the busiest parts of the year namely the last week of the year going into Jan and during big peak periods such as Bluesfest.

The solution: To temporarily on an “as needed” basis, or at a reasonable time table, stop the outbound traffic from the CBD so that the outgoing lane can be used (temporarily for 10 minutes or so) for incoming emergency or shuttle traffic. To do this by placing traffic lights that face the outgoing traffic and asks them to stop…
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