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The secret way to get stuff from the US - from SMH

I tried to talk my brother who lives in California into running a business like this 3 years ago but he never got excited about it. These Aussies are doing $1mill per year with the same idea...

Since then I have been toying with the idea of a town consolidation model... ie pickup locations where larger multi-person shipments are shipped from the US to an address in a local town (ie Byron Bay) and people who wanted cheap shipping group together to get one consolidated package shipped...

For it to work the goods must be non deteriorating and the recipients must be happy to wait for the full order by weight to be completed before the shipment can go off... so a person wanting a pack of batteries must wait until 80 kg of other orders are made to have the goods shipped.. but that way they may be only paying 1-$5 per kg shipped.

From SMH:

MySmallBusiness is running a selection of readers' favourite stories from 2014 over summer. This is one of them.
What do a life-size collectable ET to…

Revealed: the encryption tools spies can (and can't) crack

With the experience I have had over the years of having my privacy breached by lawyers in "discovery" for court cases I have been made keenly aware of how personal information can be inappropriately used and abused.

Some make sweeping statements about not having anything to hide, but its amazing how information can be twisted and abused.

In the Microsoft case I had two highly paid Microsoft lawyers grill me about what they thought was some damning evidence that turned out to be an amplifier design for hall that I was doing volunteer work at. Its not about having things to hide. Its about how information can be twisted to serve any purpose an intruder wants.

On the other hand we want to live in a civil just society so there is argument for both sides but I for one like to have some say over when and where people get access to my personal information. This article is an eye opener.

Revealed: the encryption tools spies can (and can't) crack:
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Jeremy Howard: The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn

I've had a few people tell me that this video is disturbing but I find it fascinating... its is really worth the investment of time to have a look at this to understand machine learning (also called Deep Machine Learning) and its impeding impact on modern life.

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Jeremy Howard: The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn | Talk Video |

Apple Pay works in Australia, if you have the right card

Interesting to see the reality of what happens in trying to role out a ubiquitous solution for something as complicated as merchant services.. Make me think that Quickpay (a project I am working on at the moment) has a solid chance of becoming a large scale solution.

Apple Pay works in Australia, if you have the right card:

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Sir Richard Branson Proves the mighty power of the lowly notebook

I'm a chapter or two into Sir Richard Branson's latest book and seeing yet again how powerful his simple practise is of keeping a notebook for all his meetings, ideas, lists and life. This practise continues to serve him well and yet again I am forced to concede the simple practicality of his system.

Ever since I read "Losing my Virginity" his first book, I have been trying to work out how to achieve his success with notebooks with firstly a Palm Treo then my iPhone... but the fact is that the organic immediacy and handiness of a notebook trumps all...

Over the years I have cycled in and out of periods using notebooks for a number of reasons...

What really stands out in this latest book is his discipline in writing down notes after meetings and also some thing he alluded to in this latest book... he talks about how he recalls details from months ago to use in meetings so he must practise the use of carrying the last 2 or 3 notebooks with him at any given time as a ref…

8 Weeks work cycle life hacking: 7 weeks work + 1 week off

Back in 2007 I conducted an experiment in trying to optimise the length of sustained work over a limited period of time... I started by looking at the traditional quarterly work cycle.. 4 cycles per year with evaluation and planning at the end of each cycle.

But i found that cycle to be too long.... people lose focus and momentum when delivery dates are months away... but the other extreme doesn't work either... in my experimentation I found that less than a month doesn't give you enough room to get major projects achieved... so I settled on an 8 week cycle where the 7th week is used for relaxing and recalibrating and the eighth week is used for planning the next 8 week cycle.

Well Ill never forget the feeling of successfully completing my first 8 week cycle! 6 weeks of intense activity felt like a lifetime but was just short enough for me to push hard with the knowledge that if I achieved my goals i would have a reward week at the end... I went on a 10 day RV trip with my gi…

Court Case Win in East Texas

Yesterday I arrived home from Texas on a 17 hour Qantas direct flight. The day started with the first day of Jury deliberations for the case of Uniloc vs Electronic Arts... the day ended with a verdict in favour of Uniloc and a dash to Dallas airport to get back home.

I came to Tyler for the case as a witness. It was my first time in court representing myself as the inventor of the 216 patent and it was a real eye opener.

Top things learned was how great it is that an Australian can go to Tyler in Texas and ask the American people for justice from a worldwide respected Judge (The Honourable Judge Leonard Davis) and eight patient and long suffering jurors. I never got to meet the jurors but I did get to say hello to the Judge. After 5 long days it was a real honour to meet such a well respected and even handed member of the judiciary.

The first thing that hits you in court is just how solemn and serious the law process is. Judge Davis has a coat and tie rule so there is a rack of coat…

Now know your strengths... the single biggest change to business thinking

If any of you know me will know that I quote this book as being the biggest influence on my business life. It was the instrument that got me to focus on my strengths and manage weaknesses. It was also illuminating given that most Aussies aren't to big on knowing their strengths... it took this book for me to realize what I'm good at...!

Click on it to go to the download for the book if you are interested...

Traction.. a book for people who get product but think execution is a mystery.

Just started reading this... its a bit technical but it works.. really works... this book is a real eye opener to all of us who think that building a better widget will automatically get people to come.

This is just the thing for all the inventors I know... really great book so far.

Help for Rob regarding patentability of an app and how to get the development done cheaply

7/9/14 Rob. W

Helped Rob work out what may be patentable for his app on Android and how to go about reducing the cost of development... he was quoted $100k for his app but I showed him how to use Filemaker as a prototyping tool and to get a working model before getting quotes... Rob is a happy camper.

Click here if you think Ric could help

A young fellow I helped hits the news

From the Northern Star 2nd September 2014 Congrats Jacob Link to original article A SIMPLE idea for a portable hard drive to back up photos is proving a winner for teen inventor Jacob Clarke. The 17-year old student took out the innovation award at Ric Richardson's Innovation Pipeline event last week, beating five adult local inventors.

The invention, Picstor, is a portable battery-powered hard drive to back up photographs and video. A keen nature photographer, Jacob came up with the idea while on a trip to Tasmania when he ran out of space on his SD cards.

"At the moment all hard drives need a computer, so if you are in the wilderness there's no way you can backup your photos," Jacob explained.

"This is the first portable hard drive with its own power source."

Winning the prize means Jacob has the chance to patent and prepare his invention for manufacturing, with mentoring by seasoned professionals along the way.  "I think one of the reasons I won w…

Patent Pending in 24 hours

This is the book that I used to learn how to write provisional patents and I highly recommend it. The most important feature of the book is that about a third of it is examples showing the provisional and full patents for the same invention side by side so you can see how much less work is involved with a provisional patent... an excellent tool. If you think it will help you please download it now by clicking on the image

Visit to Google Today

After demoing the Google Glass privacy shutter at Sydstart today, I built up enough confidence to bite the bullet and just go over to Google Australia and find someone to show the invention to. Luckily on the way out of the event I ran into Murray Hurps from Fishburners and he reminded me of the key people who have interacted with the Fishburners crew from Google. His advice "Talk to Alan Noble (Google Australia GM), but if you get the chance talk to Sally-Ann Williams first".

So I jumped in the taxi and headed of to Google in Ultimo... went to reception and was greeted by a friendly young guy in a snazzy suit, with an ivy backdrop, cool looking rusted Google logo and a misting device putting a calming scent into the air. I asked him if they made him wear the suit, but he said Google lets you wear whatever you want.. he just thought that his dressing up was appropriate for his job.

He subsequently did the rounds trying to get in contact with SallyAnn and amazingly she ag…

Inventor training and advice.. Go Brett

Brett 30th August

Brett wanted advice on how to select the best idea from many & focus on developing patents, prototypes and business plans cheaply and well. We discussed getting basic skills such as patent provisional writing and discussed the book Patent Pending in 24 hours... hes a dedicated inventor in training.. good on him

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Is our tech patentable?

28/8 Simon

After a lot of work on a killer technology Simon had no idea if there was a patent hidden in their project... sometimes you cant see the forest for the trees.. within a few seconds Ric knew they had a pretty strong technology going and set them in the right direction... One of the founders also had doubts about patents because the ability to fight infringers needs big bucks. Ric helped them to see that its not the small business that needs to fight patent infringement... its the big company that buys your company that wants to fight infringers...

Cool stuff.

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Byron event teaches how to make the most of crowdfunding

CHECK IT OUT: Inventor Ric Richardson will be one of the speakers at the conference.

CROWDFUNDING - the Reality Check will inspire all ambitious innovators looking to get the most out of their crowd-funding campaigns by teaching them the skills necessary to start their dream projects.

The two-day conference, which is part two of the Innovation Pipeline Series, will provide the tools for local inventors to learn how to use crowd-funding campaigns to test the market and fund their ideas.

The series for up-and-coming inventors was created by one of Australia's most high-profile inventors, Ric Richardson, famous for taking on Microsoft and winning a multi-million dollar settlement for breach of his software patent.

Speakers at the conference will include Richardson and event co-creators Ted Esdaile-Watts and Braden Wilson from Industrial Design.

The founders of Zeoform, a start-up that invented an innovative ecomaterial made from cellulose fibres will share the lessons learned from t…

Great advice from Richard Branson

--Business Stripped Bare, page 259Entrepreneurs versus managersAs a small-business person, you must immerse yourself 100 percent in everything and learn about the ins and outs of every single department. . . . And as the business gets bigger, you will have to decide if you’re a manager or an entrepreneur. If you’re a manager, you can stay with that business and help it grow. If you’re an entrepreneur, you need to find a manager. Then you should move on, enjoy yourself and then set up your next enterprise.

Microsoft patent victor Ric Richardson working on no-password security breakthrough |

This is the first article about the password replacement technology I'm working on. 
A couple of mistakes but I shouldn't not pick. It's starting to get exciting.

View down Main Street Fort Worth Texas

I'm here as a witness in a court case but enjoying the city. No graffiti anywhere and all the buildings seem newly rebuilt. 

Asked a local about living standards and he told me the average wage was 60-80k but you can buy a house for 100k! This is not Sydney! 

Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

What happened to the Underground Wireless Power project?

Many have asked me what happened to the project that I was working on for much of 2011-13.. the Underground Wireless Power Transmission project. Sadly, the founders and I separated ways when they decided to follow a competing capital raising approach.

Unfortunately, after putting the level of work that I did into the project and then having this new development forced on me I decided to move on. For the record, I think it's a great idea but needs a killer execution team to have a chance at winning.

Despite the high profile and work that resulted from my involvement, I never expected to be given or claim equity in the project as I felt that the team had enough of a burden to get the idea going than to have additional non contributing hangers-on in the seed round. I would have been involved only if I and my partners were involved as significant investors and controlling shareholders... but that did not eventuate.

Hope things work out guys.


How to see Australia.. by flying boat

A friend of mine who is a JetStar pilot and all round Indiana Jones type is also an inventor. Rowan Watkins invented the StopRotor technology which turns a helicopter into a plane and back... it means vertical take off and landing with full speed fixed wing flight speed in between!

Power to him... but back to my story. I ran the logistics of my plans to one day get a Flying Doctor plane (ie a Pilatus PC12) and follow the Australian coast line at 1500 feet to really see this wonderful continent.
Quick as a wink he countered with what he thought was a better idea and I cant get it out of my head.

Get on old flying boat (so you can land wherever you want) fit it out with a double bed and some long life batteries and a bit of a kitchen and really experience Australia.
Can you imagine a double bed in here? Looking out the buble windows of a night time?

How mu…
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