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We are done! 100 now coming and no more seats available

Sorry everyone but we officially ran out of seats earlier today... we severely underestimated the interest and apologise to those that are missing out...
There are one or two who have yet to pay but they have registered so unfortunately if you haven't got in then we will have to get to you next time...
George Lewin is coming For any of you that don't know George, he is a nationally recognized inventor and entrepreneur who calls the Shire his home and he will be coming to participate and has some interesting things to add.
But please be warned, we will be at capacity so please be patient as we work out how to look oafter everyone... we originally wanted to cater to 80 but 100 have booked and we are turning back people now... :-)
Thursday here we come. Ric

9 Seats left for Innovation Pipeline event in 9 days

Just confirmed our 71st seat/ booking for the event... seems I know almost everyone who is coming... this will be so positive and hopefully will end up being very constructive in trying to get some idea of how to systematize success for Australia...
If you feel you may miss out we have provision to add up to another 20 seats over the 80 we have booked for so if you really want to come just sign up and we'll make room for you... but 100 is our maximum limit for the facility so please jump in soon if you really want to make sure you get there...
Thanks everyone for showing interest in this important process... I hope we make it all worthwhile for everyone.

IP Australia speaker confirmed for Oct 31 Innovation Pipeline

I just spoke to Phillip Spann who is Asst GM and Deputy Commissioner at IP Australia (ie Australia's Patent Office)... he will be coming with Liz Drummond from IP Australia's communications office to contribute to the day long think fest.
I feel privileged to have such a senior person coming and look forward to the interchange that will happen in just over a week.
On the phone I asked Phil about the success of self filing inventors he has seen and also warned him that issues such as software and business model patents will come up on the day and he answered my questions with calm clear thinking reason so we will be able to delve into some really important issues during the IP Australia section of the day...
Liz is looking to interview inventors and innovators on the day for the IP Australia site so please feel free to look her up and tell her your story on the day..
This is looking like fun.

10 days to go - 30 slots left - Would love to see you here...

Its now 10 days before the Innovation Pipeline event in Byron Bay on the 31st October.

Everyone is booked in to speak and the anticipation is rising... we have Peter Davison an Aussie who was an original investor in Paypal, Andrew Stead a co-founder of Sydney Angels and Doron Ben Meir (the CEO of Commercialisation Australia) all coming to weigh in on the subject of working out how to get Australia's technology development process working for Aussies so that we take advantage of our strengths and work through our weaknesses.

Here is a link to more information:

A few of you have mentioned to me that they need to pay with a credit card in order to come and the RDA (the sponsors of the event) do not have credit card facility. Well I do! So if its ok with you I will collect the card proceeds and send them on to the RDA for you... please make sure to include your email so I can send you questions to answer for the day.

If you wa…
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