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Ric opens forum to help with help request backlog

Ric has just put up a forum to help answer some basic questions while he works his way through the 400 people who have requested help from him.

The forum is at:!forum/rics-inventor-help

Ask questions here and Ric will do his best to answer them. The advantage is that other visitors can benefit from seeing the answers Ric gives to you. So go ahead.. ask a question and hopefully he can answer you and benefit other visitors.

Fri probono with Jeff Caligari

Met Jeff and discussed his myriad inventions including his rescue device concept. Will fill in later but I think this is a goer. Met at Byron at Byron. Coffee by the pool. Great.

Visitor request for a book on Inventing

In answer to:
Ric, loved the Australian Story done last week. It's not over, you have to write a book about your adventures. Most people are scared about taking their ideas to the world, fearing exactly what happened to you.. guidance, advice and skills - tell us what is needed to make it from dreams to reality.. Regards Christine McVeigh on Thank you Australian Story
Christine, you are so right.. I do have a book in process, its called Making your ideas fly and it is the essence of what I share with each person that comes to visit me on my Friday morning sessions.... I will keep my promise and get the book done soon...

Whooah... 3000 visitors and 200 requests

I may have been a little hasty in making my email available as I have had over 200 requests for help from Inventors... which is both a privilege and a bit overwhelming... I am trying to work out what to do. A this rate i will have booked out a whole year of pro bono Fridays. Please be patient with me as I try to work out what to do to try and help. Apologies. Also just topped the 3,000 visitor mark from the latest Australian Story. I think the interest is more about the fact that the average Aussie is a closet inventor! On a recent trip to Sydney dozens of people said hello to me and Karen and most of them confessed to having a heritage of tinkering. Well if I can be a part of encouraging that I'm all for it. Ric

Crikey reports 1.3 million watched Australian Story

Web site Crikey reports that the episode of Australian Story featuring the final chapter of the Uniloc Microsoft story and inventor Ric Richardson attracted 1.3 million viewers. The previous largest rating for the year was the Gina Reinhardt story screened the previous week. The figures are particularly interesting given that this rating happened on a holiday Monday which usually draws a smaller number of viewers. Well done Australian Story.

Segment on Channel 10 - Breakfast

Ric appeared on a segment of the Breakfast program on Channel 10 this Wednesday morning. The segment highlighted the Underground Wireless power transmission system, Ezypeezy Urine sample collection funnel, Ric's flat tire warning system, and the Byron Rashie which is a hoody for surfing... you can watch it here:

Getting help from Ric

Again like last time I am being flooded with fellow Aussies who want some ideas about how to get their invention going or how to patent stuff...

Well here is what I can do...

If you want pro bono help I have slots on Friday mornings where i talk to people about their inventions and ideas. If you come to Byron and speak in person I will give you a couple of hours at a local Cafe... if you want help on the phone ill give you half an hour.. at the moment im booked into mid May.

If you want paid help just say so and ill fit you into my normal work cycle depending on what else i have going... my day rate is 3k but sometimes ill give a couple of hours if you are willing to contribute to a cause..

Also.. I hate homework... so please don't send stuff for me to read and research... if i do that ill have no time for other people... this way i get to help as many people as i can and still get to be an inventor.

My email is [removed due to abuse]

Thank you Australian Story

Supervising Producer of Australian Story

Dear Rebecca,

When I first came home from the US in late 2008 I had no idea what Australian Story was. Your show had only just started when I left in 1997 but with my Dad’s heritage as a founding cameraman for Four Corners, back when television started, I knew the ABC had potential for a truly special program.

When the story of the Jury verdict win of $388 million USD first hit, the publicity machine the company consulted with in the states said to stick to tightly scripted and controlled statements. Initially this gave me great pause. The seriousness of the situation weighed heavily on me.

Yet I also felt a reasonable pressure to at least recognize and show appreciation for the tremendous display of support and interest that the every day Australian showed in reaction to the win.

Then my dear friend Jim Revitt, who represented Australia as the ABC’s Vietnam War Correspondent, rang me and said that Australian St…

Another Australian Story about Ric to air Monday 9th April

Shooting finished today of material to wrap up the Uniloc Microsoft story that started back in 2009 when Australian Story first picked up on the struggle between Microsoft and the company I started back in 1992, Uniloc.

My good friend Jim Revitt, who sadly passed away soon after the first show, always said that if I was to do one television show then Australian Story was the one to do... and his advice proved right. Sadly Jim will not be here to see the final chapter air this coming Monday (the 9th).

The show will review the twists and turns leading up to the settlement a few weeks back and it will also feature some upbeat segments covering projects I am working on now and people I am trying to help with their inventions... and some more guitar playing with my good mate Steve Cox... I hope I am in tune... I was playing so loud I couldn't tell :-)

It has been a real privilege to have had the Australian Story team revisit and it was great fun showing them some of the interesting peo…
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