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Breaking 100 year old Tesla Mystery

Over 100 years ago Nikola Tesla patented a method for distributing power WITHOUT WIRES.... but no one was ever able to use his patent to make it work...

Until Now.

A central coast inventor and a team of founders think they have cracked the problem by focusing the electricity and minimizing electro magnetic radiation.

The site talking about their plans and showing how to do your own tests is at . The site is sponsored by me to help them get their project evaluated by Australia's academic community and to get some real world feedback before we head out finding capital to do a large scale test.

I helped them get their patent and now want to see it independently evaluated before taking it to the next level.

Tesla claimed that any amount of energy could be sent any distance underground at as little as 2% loss of energy. I want to be there when Keith Howard and his team make this work.

Candidate for a zkimmer book

I have been thinking about using zkimmer for some time to publish really good photo books as iPhone apps maybe this is the first book to try this with.

How about 1200 dpi with zoom and beautiful pictures? What do you think?

Flat Tire Detection

A simple system that alerts drivers to a flat tire without the need for RFID or any electronic sensors.

I designed this system during an evening with a former neighbor and good friend Herb Elliott who had just had a flat tire experience and suggested there must be a better way.


Reputation Driven Social Network

This concept is based on the simple premise that your membership in the network is based upon having at least two people who are willing to vouch for you and who can be held accountable by network rules if you run amok.

The idea behind this invention is to make people accountable. After considerable research a basic rule for membership is that you must personally know and vouch for the person you allow to join the network and be able to prove their age, sex and identity or risk being expelled.

Someone who breaks the network rules not only jeopardizes their own membership but also the membership of the person that helped them join. In extreme cases such as pedophilia everyone associated with allowing that person onto the network would be questioned as to their suitability for membership.


Personal Data Blackbox

After reading about the recovery of the Air France 330 that crashed into the Atlantic last year losing all aboard, I somehow made the jump to the need for a Personal Black Box for all our personal and important data... images, documents, videos etc.

So what would a personal black-box achieve? It would be fire proof, waterproof... recoverable after an earthquake, flood or fire. It would be easy to access. It would have a wired and wireless connection capability with its own security. Namely data could be sent one way with one password and require another password to be accessed.

It would have a heartbeat system that raised the alarm if it lost power or was damaged in any way (for example if the hard drive detected damage to itself). A service would try to connect with the black-box at regular intervals and if unsuccessful send a series of alerts on an escalating schedule... It would try to contact you for a couple of days, then a second designee or a third or a fourth until it found s…

Updates on the Inventor Roadshow

The Inventor Roadshow is an idea by Ric Richardson to combine the sense of discovery of the Antiques Roadshow TV program and the positive value of helping inventors get real world feedback about their inventions.

Latest Update

Jan 6th 2012: It's been a long time but finally a meeting is set with a TV programmer to see what the future holds for the show.

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List of Music written or recorded by Ric Richardson

As you may have seen at the end of the Australian Story about him, Ric is a guitarist and also writes his own music. Most of the recording below are original compositions by Ric and are mostly in rough demo form as he has never attempted to become a recording artist. Most of the tracks feature either the actual drumming or the drum programming of Ric's life long friend Steve Cox. A couple of the tracks below actually ended up used on films. The track "Move It" was the soundtrack for a short film that accompanied the Australian Feature Film "Man from Snowy River" during its worldwide release. Another short film he provided music for ran with the "Muppet Movie". The music is the track entitled "Drive like hell". Ric still gets a royalty check for these films from time to time.

Last updated 9/9/2011

Freedom - Hendrix Cover - Ric (vocals and instruments), Steve Cox (Drums)Rock and Roll - Zep cover - Ric (vocals) Steve DrumsBlack Mountain Woman -…

Australian Story - Episode about Ric

In 2009, the renowned biographical and social commentating television show known as Australian Story aired an episode covering Ric and his battle to that time with Microsoft. In the first week of viewing it is estimated that 1.8 million Australians saw the show.

Below are links relating to that story:

Link to the actual episode on the shows web site.The blog article announcing the airing.Article about people from the the episode.Stories from behind the scenesWhat its like to be interviewed by Australian StoryFrequently Asked Questions about the show


List of patents

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