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Weakerz: wearable speakers invention

My daughter Lily and I have been working on a concept for wearable personal speakers that allows someone to listen to their itunes library but without cutting themselves off from the world... even though she is a fan of Apples in-ear earbuds she really helped me zero in on the need to allow her and younger generations to tune into their life's soundtrack...

... the wearable speakers are safer she admits since you can hear cars and other people around you without sacrificing the fidelity of the music you listen to.

The device, which is not yet finished or patented, allows the user to have two little speakers aimed at the users ears for everything from music to answering the phone...

Lily also helped with the branding and marketing plan for the device... she's named the device Weakerz... playing on the wearable speakers idea and has also done the trademark and design brief.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best

A few months ago a part time inventor from Adelaide named Ros Branson asked me for help with her invention... a classy and simple pen holder for ring binders... for the life of me I thought id seen the idea before but its turned out to be very uncrowded space especially for something so obviously useful...
For any of you that know me personally, you will know I swing from personal management system to system trying to find the ultimate approach and I always return to paper so this classy but simple addition is going into my quiver of useful tools along with a reminder of the hard effort and mental energy that is being poured into great ideas like this.
Ros told me today she is thinking about doing a small production run with a local manufacturer and going to sell it to the stationary and office chains... I for my part will support her with a reference wherever she needs it.. Good on you Ros.

Multiple Payment Options Technology

One of the most disruptive parts of buying from a website is the ordeal of setting up an account and then being forced to go to another site such as Paypal to complete the transaction. It is of paramount importance to not make the buyer jump through any unnecessary hoops and to minimize what is necessary in the first place.... Enter the "One Button Merchant Services" button.
This simple use of XHTML and Javascript combined with a smart back end allows shop owners to offer their online buyers a simplified streamlined purchase completion process that occurs right in the page the customer is viewing... no need to go to various screens to be engulfed by a complex purchase process... The buy button appears to be normal when browsing the site. But when the visitor decides to buy...

A layer appears that allows the user to select their payment method and complete the purchase. Technology like this appears with companies like however this methodology expands way beyong tha…

Inventor Ric Richardson speaking at TiE Melbourne on Monday

I've been privileged to be the opening speaker at this years TiE conference in Melbourne at the Hyatt next Monday the 3rd.

Even though technically I am not an entrepreneur now, the first 15 years of my time at Uniloc was pretty much all about being an entrepreneur.

This year they are talking about integrity of vision, coming from the right place to ensure success and other important whole person attributes.

They are also talking about work life balance... something I am still working on but at least I'm in Byron Bay... that ought to rub off some how....

Anyway, if you are able to come please say hi as I will be hanging around the conference for much of the day and dont get the chance to come to Melbourne as much as I'd like. See you there. Ric

Sound share patent sale response strong

Thanks so much to all of you who have shown interest in the Sound wave based sharing application patent. There are a number of serious interested parties and I have decided to make the process of working with them all a bit simpler by posting a link to the supporting documentation for the patent here:

The link goes to a zip file with all the files encrypted so all I need to do is send a password to the person making the inquiry.

The package includes:

Clip of filing data.png - A clip from the IP Australia site documenting the provisional patent filing data.System for automated sharing of data using common sound analysis.pdf - The patent specificationSound sharing fig1.jpg, Sound sharing fig2.jpg - Two jpegs with figures 1 and 2 from the patent.Soundsharepatentpriorart.pdf - Notes from my prior art searchSoundsharepatentexecutionstrategy.pdf - An outline of my patent execution strategy for this patent based on certain mileston…

Ric Richardson files simple local sharing patent - its yours for $13,350

Ever wanted to share something with others simply? A photo with a group at your dinner table? A business card with someone you just met? But don’t want to be typing out email addresses.

This issue has been a thorn in my side for some time but this latest patent may fix that. 
By using the noise that surrounds us all the time our phones can work out that we are nearby someone who we want to share something with. Pretty obvious once you look at how we as humans work!
With this in mind all we need to do when we want to share something on our phones is to have them connect to each other and use the noise around us to make sure we are not inadvertently sharing something with a total stranger. It allows us to make super fast, convenient and easy connections with anyone nearby. It's kind of like talking... only the people nearby can hear you talk even if you are in a room with a hundred people.
Here is how it works:
I tell you I want to share something with you... a photo, a music file, a b…

Google Hangout round 2

The first attempt to do an Inventor Hangout was a pretty abysmal affair.. I ended up talking to Inventors by phone instead!... but still seems worthwhile exploring so lets try a new tack.

First of all you must have a web cam and a microphone connected to your computer... or if you have a smartphone you can use the Google Plus app to join the Hangout from your phone!

Step 1:

First of all I recommend you go to this page:
To see how Hangouts work and also to see if you can Sign in to Google Plus or need to join Google plus top be able to do the Hangout.

Step 2:
If you havent already done so you need to download the Google Hangout plug in on this page:

And install it on your computer...
Step 3: 
I will be inviting you to the hangout from my account.. so you will receive your hangout invite FROM YOUR GOOGLE PLUS PAGE. Not from your email
I will be trying out the event feature which may deliver an …

Ric speaking about software patents at IP Australia patent forum

This video is of my presentation at the IP Australia software forum with software patents being the basis of discussion... the IP Australia guys positioned me as the Pro Patents guy and had an anti-software patent guy follow me so the session was a bit contentious, but I hope the reasoning I used has some credibility. Unfortunately the anti software crowd is particularly vocal and even abusive so the opportunity for real discussion is often ruined as no one serious wants to engage in an inane shouting match. At this occasion anyway the crowd was thoughful, open minded and reasonable. I spoke later at Sydstart on the same topic with about 800 in attendance and even though the crowd started out negative about patents, I did get two lots of really supportive clapps as I made a case for patents using a couple of projects I am working on at the moment... so yes most people are reasonable... and it's great to see.

Inventor help for this week

This week started with a bit of a hiccup when I couldn't get Google Hangouts working for an Inventor session... it was really painful and I have to work out what is going on there... On Thursday I started out helping Matt Allen from Coaxe diesel engines with some inventor/ start-up advice as a favour for my mate Pete Cooper who runs the Sydstart events... its a really interesting diesel engine design that radically reduces vibration and runs more efficiently than a standard engine.. they are in the UAV space because the obvious application ie helicopter engines is dominated by turbines... I hope my advice made a difference for them as it is a really interesting idea....

Then I went to the Tweed Coast to catch up with the iDesign guys who have an automated houseplan/ lot matching system for land developers and home buyers. I helped them with a business model patent back in 2010.. there stuff is really maturing...

Then I met Simon Oleary and his brother in law who are working on a …

1st Inventor Masterclass at Byron@Byron

Friday 12th October was the first Inventor Masterclass with me and 15 other fellow inventors. First thing to say was how much I underestimated the value of class members being able to hear each others questions and problems... its was fascinating and made me ensure that my answers were well understood... The only thing I underestimated was the amount of time that the class needed for one on one time... every 3/4 hour or so I would stop and take a member out to talk about their problems and also went on for another hour or so after the class trying to help ones who stayed later...
I think the idea of having the class at Byron @ Byron was a good idea... it cost a bit but the food and tea service was excellent and the quality of the location made it a special event for everyone...

Also I was intrigued by the breadth of the inventors there. There was a very experienced plastic bottle closure inventor ranging right through to a young fellow exploring mind stimulation to improve capabiliti…

Next book in the series - Headhunting

Its pretty unanimous, the next book that is nearing completion is called "Headhunting" and shows how I find CEOs to partner with and gives a couple of examples of how to do it...

This book will be very practical, but will require a disciplined Internet research capability...
There will be a bit of overlap with a book about business plans but its really important to know the foundation upon which you build your headhunting work.

Feedback about book one is all good and strong... its great to know people think the ideas are worthwhile.

Discovered: Killer App for Google Hangouts

Video conferencing... cool... and hangouts are really underutilized for this but i think my team and I have discovered a killer app for Hangouts...

Ever since I saw the movie "Inside Man" there was a scene in which the character played by Jodie Foster interacts with her secretary by full time full screen video even though she is only in the next room... Jodie can talk face to face with her secretary whenever she wants because the secretaries video chat auto answers and shows on her desktop without having to answer the call...

I've tried to emulate this with Skype by having an account that is only known to close friends, workmates and family and setting Skype to auto answering whenever they call in... this way they can see when I'm on the phone or just say hello whenever they want...

Now with hangouts all I need to do is run a webcam on one of my servers as a constant Video hangout and then allow my family and work mates to drop in and out whenever they want... it wor…

Inventor Masterclass Oct 12th - Booked

UPDATED: Wed 10th Oct - 1 day to go.

Hi there everyone, just an update regarding the Masterclass on October 12th in Byron Bay at the Byron@ Byron resort. Everything is moving ahead as planned.

Byron at Byron resort
77/79 Broken Head Road, Byron Bay NSW 2481
1300 554 362‎

Here is the current list:

Peter Thompson? -  1 
Mark Don Goodall - 2
Rachel Clark - 1
Star Young - 1
Salome Borg - 1
MWeb Solutions - 1 (postponed to next masterclass)
Earl Russell - 2 seats
New world Machines - Marshal - 1
Wayne Earl - 1
Richard Chi - 1
Mark Anson and Isha - 2
Michael Conner - 1
Jess Lelievre - 1

Updated 10th October - Total 15 for this week - we have our number...

2 booked for the next one in 4-6 weeks if all goes well.
Mary Bremner - asked to be inc not paid yet.

Ideal class size is 15-20 so if you want to come please send your request to ricricho at
I will save you a slot and send an email with payment instructions.

The $140 for the day covers morning and afternoon teas, a $50 lunch budget and the…

Inventor Workshop Series Book1 of 5 - The Big Picture

Finally, the Inventor Workshop series is finished. Well, at least the 1st of 5 workbooks is done. I wrote this first eBook at the urging of the guys at R2 Labs to produce a book that people could use as a guide if they can't get to have personal time with me or as a follow up for people that have received my help since I get to explain in details all the main points I cover in my probono sessions.

Unfortunately by the time I get the editing, transcription and layout guys paid this turns out to be a bit more expensive than I wanted so please accept my apologies for the higher price than I wanted. I spread the cost over 100 sets so I really don't expect this to be a big seller. But to people that have needed my help it may be really important.

If you would like to read the first chapter Ive got a download for you to have a look at FREE.

Click here Download the first chapter FREE If you want to buy the whole series see below.

In the first book entitled "THE BIG PICTURE"…

Inventor Series - Book 1 - The Big Picture

Next 2 weeks probono and discount consulting slots

Hi there everyone.
The continued demand for help with peoples projects and inventions is just overwhelming... and gratifying. With over 300 still in the waiting line I really feel terrible that I cant do more than I am already... unfortunately I cant book out for long periods of time in advance because of my day gig obligations but if you click on the tab "Get Ric's help" you will see what slots are available for the next few weeks.

Usually I do my pro-bono work on Fridays but I'm travelling a bit in the next two weeks so I have moved my help time to the next two Mondays...

So go have a look and see if any of the slots suit your time frame.

I am also considering doing an inventor master class at the Byron@Byron resort in Byron Bay in October. It will involve a full morning session for two hours then a series of 10-20 one-on-ones to talk about your individual projects then a lunch together.

I think to rent the room and have a nice lunch will cost about $100 each if I …

Richardson granted patent for dependent encryption keys

Today I was informed of yet another patent granted by the USPTO. The patent has to do with a series of dependant encryption keys with the ability to use one key to decrypt a whole series of encrypted packages each with different keys.

At the time I thought it was a really interesting approach with applications in areas where a series of products purchased by a customer could be unlocked with one master key (the latest key) if the results of each unlock were used to unlock the previous product.

Congratulations to Sean Burdick at Uniloc for working the many years to get this through the examination process.

Software patents - a reasoned perspective?

Most software developers understand and embrace the idea of copyright. They like the idea that when they write something in code, that it is their property. Whether paid for by their boss or owned themselves.

Next they love the fact that if they give that code away for the common good, for example to an open source project, then they have done something of significance. But again, their work can not be abused because they have handed the copyright to the open project and who ever uses that code must contribute to the code and give the project recognition... why?

Because of copyright.

Copyright is protection law. It stops people from just taking other peoples work and using it for their own gain.

Some people don't care. They are happy to give away their code. Fine. But in the business world, businessmen do care. Making software costs money. Frequently it involves investors who want a return on their investment.

Companies want to own code thats important to them. Some code they stra…

Mojang reaction incredibly strong

Pheww. The reaction to the Mojang story is just going through the roof. over 8,000 visitors just to my site. Its amazing to see so many people loyal to this game maker. Good on him.

But guys please be fair.
1. I am not the inventor of the patent in question.
2. The personal attacks are a bit much don't you think?
3. Patents are there to stop people stealing a technology you invented and letting you have a fair shot at making a living from it. If Uniloc wants to test this in court it is there prerogative, the same way that Mojang contested the use of the copyright term "Scrolls" and took people to court.

4. What's good for the goose is good for the gander right?

If it's all so wrong then let the court decide.

In defense of patents

You come up with a great idea.
You want to see hundreds, thousands  or maybe millions of people use it.
But the people you compete with have many more resources than you.
You dont have millions of dollars or thousands of smart people to help you.

In a perfect world you start making something and put a disclaimer on the front of each product "I am the inventor of this product. Please feel free to use it but please do not copy it and produce it yourself."

Unfortunately that doesn't work.

This is why governments step in and try to protect inventors of great ideas by 1. Make sure no one else has done the thing before and 2. Give the inventor a fair amount of time (20 years) to make a living from his thing before allowing everyone to use the idea as they see fit. Oh yes. The ideas is free to use... in 20 years.

So why isn't everything patented?

Because patenting is expensive and complicated.
You have to prove that no one else has done your thing before.
You have to clearl…

Ric Richardson reaction to negative press on Uniloc vs Mojang

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Ric is not a principle at Uniloc, does not speak for the company,  neither does he have influence over the companies actions since he is only a non majority shareholder. Further, Ric is the inventor of the 216 patent which was the centre of the court case with Microsoft. HE IS NOT the inventor of the patent at dispute with Mojang.

I awoke this morning to a large number of emails and tweets decrying Uniloc's actions regarding a law suit against Swedish firm Mojang. Firstly, besides having shares in Uniloc this has little else to do with me. The disputed patent is not mine, and I have had no communication with the company about the matter.

That said, I also feel compelled to say something regarding all of the strong language and accusations being thrown around on twitter, in the press and some rather disgusting emails sent to me personally because I had the audacity to put my email address on my site. [Which I am now sadly forced to remove]

From the firs…

Ric Richardson's latest technology Instashare - coding partner needed

Ric is coming to the end of the design phase of his latest technology that will allow iPhone users to instantly share photos, videos, contact information or pretty much anything else by sharing a verbal number. Yes... by using a number only. No need for Facebook friends or email addresses. Just an app and a number.

Imagine, taking a group photo and saying "my instashare code is 2481" and allowing everyone in the photo to get their copy of the photo instantly. 
Imagine being in the crowd at a U2 concert and seeing a number flash on the video screens that allows you to share a photo that Bono just took on stage.

iPhone Coder Needed
As you can imagine Ric is quite excited by the idea but he wants to try something new. Rather than use a hired gun to code the project Ric is looking for the best coder willing to buy into the idea with their own enthusiasm.

He wants to invest in passion for the idea NOT just another well paid contractor.

Ric will let the successful bidder retain 4x…

Agreed to help year 11 student

Had a great time today at Byron Bay High and grabbed a young guy to interview him about his invention... there was a bit of chuckling until he got stuck into explaining his concept for a temporary power assist for bike riders... Im determined to give him some time and file a prov for him in the next week or so... didn't get his name so I hope he contacts me with the card I gave him.


Do software patents stifle innovation?

At the recent IP Forum sponsered by Australia's patent office (IP Australia), the organizers well meaningly gave opportunity to an anti patent protagonist named Ben Sturmfels.
It was an egalitarian move and quite open minded of IP Australia, but in my mind a bit of a mistake. This congenial open forum was used by Ben for statement making and not any real reasoned interchange.
Ben took the arbitrary stance that patents were for the betterment of society and should NOT be used for the protection of inventor rights.
In my mind his whole argument fell apart when I asked him the following:
"If a person who comes up with a verifiably new way of doing something do you feel that anyone should be allowed to steal that idea and use it as they please?"
Time and again, he said "Im not going to answer that as it is not relevant. Patents are not about that."
I then asked him about copyright. I asked…

Ric opens forum to help with help request backlog

Ric has just put up a forum to help answer some basic questions while he works his way through the 400 people who have requested help from him.

The forum is at:!forum/rics-inventor-help

Ask questions here and Ric will do his best to answer them. The advantage is that other visitors can benefit from seeing the answers Ric gives to you. So go ahead.. ask a question and hopefully he can answer you and benefit other visitors.

Fri probono with Jeff Caligari

Met Jeff and discussed his myriad inventions including his rescue device concept. Will fill in later but I think this is a goer. Met at Byron at Byron. Coffee by the pool. Great.

Visitor request for a book on Inventing

In answer to:
Ric, loved the Australian Story done last week. It's not over, you have to write a book about your adventures. Most people are scared about taking their ideas to the world, fearing exactly what happened to you.. guidance, advice and skills - tell us what is needed to make it from dreams to reality.. Regards Christine McVeigh on Thank you Australian Story
Christine, you are so right.. I do have a book in process, its called Making your ideas fly and it is the essence of what I share with each person that comes to visit me on my Friday morning sessions.... I will keep my promise and get the book done soon...

Whooah... 3000 visitors and 200 requests

I may have been a little hasty in making my email available as I have had over 200 requests for help from Inventors... which is both a privilege and a bit overwhelming... I am trying to work out what to do. A this rate i will have booked out a whole year of pro bono Fridays. Please be patient with me as I try to work out what to do to try and help. Apologies. Also just topped the 3,000 visitor mark from the latest Australian Story. I think the interest is more about the fact that the average Aussie is a closet inventor! On a recent trip to Sydney dozens of people said hello to me and Karen and most of them confessed to having a heritage of tinkering. Well if I can be a part of encouraging that I'm all for it. Ric

Crikey reports 1.3 million watched Australian Story

Web site Crikey reports that the episode of Australian Story featuring the final chapter of the Uniloc Microsoft story and inventor Ric Richardson attracted 1.3 million viewers. The previous largest rating for the year was the Gina Reinhardt story screened the previous week. The figures are particularly interesting given that this rating happened on a holiday Monday which usually draws a smaller number of viewers. Well done Australian Story.

Segment on Channel 10 - Breakfast

Ric appeared on a segment of the Breakfast program on Channel 10 this Wednesday morning. The segment highlighted the Underground Wireless power transmission system, Ezypeezy Urine sample collection funnel, Ric's flat tire warning system, and the Byron Rashie which is a hoody for surfing... you can watch it here:

Getting help from Ric

Again like last time I am being flooded with fellow Aussies who want some ideas about how to get their invention going or how to patent stuff...

Well here is what I can do...

If you want pro bono help I have slots on Friday mornings where i talk to people about their inventions and ideas. If you come to Byron and speak in person I will give you a couple of hours at a local Cafe... if you want help on the phone ill give you half an hour.. at the moment im booked into mid May.

If you want paid help just say so and ill fit you into my normal work cycle depending on what else i have going... my day rate is 3k but sometimes ill give a couple of hours if you are willing to contribute to a cause..

Also.. I hate homework... so please don't send stuff for me to read and research... if i do that ill have no time for other people... this way i get to help as many people as i can and still get to be an inventor.

My email is [removed due to abuse]

Thank you Australian Story

Supervising Producer of Australian Story

Dear Rebecca,

When I first came home from the US in late 2008 I had no idea what Australian Story was. Your show had only just started when I left in 1997 but with my Dad’s heritage as a founding cameraman for Four Corners, back when television started, I knew the ABC had potential for a truly special program.

When the story of the Jury verdict win of $388 million USD first hit, the publicity machine the company consulted with in the states said to stick to tightly scripted and controlled statements. Initially this gave me great pause. The seriousness of the situation weighed heavily on me.

Yet I also felt a reasonable pressure to at least recognize and show appreciation for the tremendous display of support and interest that the every day Australian showed in reaction to the win.

Then my dear friend Jim Revitt, who represented Australia as the ABC’s Vietnam War Correspondent, rang me and said that Australian St…

Another Australian Story about Ric to air Monday 9th April

Shooting finished today of material to wrap up the Uniloc Microsoft story that started back in 2009 when Australian Story first picked up on the struggle between Microsoft and the company I started back in 1992, Uniloc.

My good friend Jim Revitt, who sadly passed away soon after the first show, always said that if I was to do one television show then Australian Story was the one to do... and his advice proved right. Sadly Jim will not be here to see the final chapter air this coming Monday (the 9th).

The show will review the twists and turns leading up to the settlement a few weeks back and it will also feature some upbeat segments covering projects I am working on now and people I am trying to help with their inventions... and some more guitar playing with my good mate Steve Cox... I hope I am in tune... I was playing so loud I couldn't tell :-)

It has been a real privilege to have had the Australian Story team revisit and it was great fun showing them some of the interesting peo…

Revised Executable QR code provisional patent filed

Ric has submitted a revised version of his patent for executable QR codes. The patent was filed with IP Australia tonight at appropriately 8pm with reference number SPEP-16112161 and covers the extended use of the popular QR code format to allow interactive transactions and macros between devices and Internet services.
The original patent filing documents are available here: but require a password to open. The password is available to business partners that are helping Ric roll out this business. 
Ever wondor why QR codes seem so interesting but fall short of what your gut says they should be able to do?
Executable QR codes take up where standard QR codes left off:
* A QR code on a web page that initiates payment and automates the exchange of credit card and delivery details without setting up an account.
* A QR code at a taxi stand that books a taxi and allows you to track the taxi as it drives towards you without typing anything in...
* A QR code that allows you to buy a can of Coke…

Video segment covering Australian Story crew

Echonet Daily did a video segment covering a visit by Australian Story for an update and closing chapter on the Uniloc/ Microsoft battle. This segment covers my support of the Gamma team as they try to make one of Nikola Tesla's major inventions work... well shot and edited with a nice comment from Kent Gordon who is a professional as always and one of Australia's great television story tellers... he even makes my story sound interesting...

Today Tonight runs a segment on the Settlement
The above was aired last Thursday. Due to a bit of a kerfuffle I was not able to be interviewed for the show so I have promised them first dibs on the next big thing I do... they were good sports and I really do owe them...

Some questions people have asked...

Thanks for visiting... and particularly thanks to all the visitors who have shown support over the years. Its was really appreciated. How kind of you all.

Following are some questions that people have asked as a result of the settlement with Microsoft:

Why is the amount of the settlement not disclosed?We presume amicable means that the settlement amount was sizable... is it?What are you going to do with the money that comes to you?How do you feel now that it's overWhy is the amount of the settlement not disclosed?
Simply, the Uniloc team were the guys that reached settlement with Microsoft. There ability to represent the shareholders and me as the inventor was established over many years of trusted negotiation and work. There is no question that they obtained the best possible arrangement for the company with Microsoft and if part of that arrangement was for us to honor a request from Microsoft that we not disclose the amount of the settlement, then I think I am bound by that same …

Update on articles so far

This article (above) appeared in the UK publication The Register. Its great to see people being supportive.

Another from Has OZ Developer Just Got $300M+ Out Of Microsoft? Sad to say this article got a few things wrong. Besides settlement terms which are not being disclosed there are quite a few misconceptions to be corrected: No I was never an INXS roadie... I just worked a bit with Tim Farris at his home studio and have been friendly with their manager Chris Murphy for many years.
They say I was domiciled in a VW Kombi for some years.... Wha? Never... I think they got this from the story about how I use a Ford Transit as a mobile office (I certainly never lived in it... my Mrs like a comfy home thank you very much). I don't do this out of necessity but rather by choice so that I can enjoy the beautiful scenery around Byron as I do my work.
The judge in the jury case overturned the Jury decision a…

It's over!

Its over! Uniloc and Microsoft settled... finally. Quite understandably the settlement terms are not being disclosed in a gesture of goodwill for each party since it was according to Microsoft's spokesman a mutually agreeable resolution.

At some stage, what this means for Uniloc and Microsoft will become more apparent, but for me as the inventor it means the question mark hanging over my patent is no longer in question.

It's kind of like having your career anchored on a test you did when you were a kid and someone questioning your score decades after the fact... all you can do is stick to your position and hope the truth rings true.

Also, to be candid, having a large powerful corporation as a detractor is not an easy thing to deal with.

To be fair, the Uniloc team was the real relentless effort behind this good turn. Even though I started this by filing the patent 20 years ago, I have relied on the Uniloc team for much of the last 8 years to represent my interests along with …

Microsoft and Uniloc settle

Bloomberg reports that the case between Microsoft and Uniloc has been settled on amicable terms.

It's been along day so I will be filling everyone in more tomorrow. Great news.

Voicy Software Design Overview by Ric Richardson

This video shows how Voicy is going to work... its a new approach to email where you can reply using your own voice in two clicks... very fast and convenient...
The app is also going to be a platform for a whole lot of related advances such as video, streaming and much more.

How does Voicy Work and why I came up with it

Voicy is a new concept in Email use that with two clicks allows you to reply to emails with your voice... the average email reply takes 5 seconds! The app has been user tested and is in coding now...

Breaking 100 year old Tesla Mystery

Over 100 years ago Nikola Tesla patented a method for distributing power WITHOUT WIRES.... but no one was ever able to use his patent to make it work...

Until Now.

A central coast inventor and a team of founders think they have cracked the problem by focusing the electricity and minimizing electro magnetic radiation.

The site talking about their plans and showing how to do your own tests is at . The site is sponsored by me to help them get their project evaluated by Australia's academic community and to get some real world feedback before we head out finding capital to do a large scale test.

I helped them get their patent and now want to see it independently evaluated before taking it to the next level.

Tesla claimed that any amount of energy could be sent any distance underground at as little as 2% loss of energy. I want to be there when Keith Howard and his team make this work.

Candidate for a zkimmer book

I have been thinking about using zkimmer for some time to publish really good photo books as iPhone apps maybe this is the first book to try this with.

How about 1200 dpi with zoom and beautiful pictures? What do you think?

Flat Tire Detection

A simple system that alerts drivers to a flat tire without the need for RFID or any electronic sensors.

I designed this system during an evening with a former neighbor and good friend Herb Elliott who had just had a flat tire experience and suggested there must be a better way.


Reputation Driven Social Network

This concept is based on the simple premise that your membership in the network is based upon having at least two people who are willing to vouch for you and who can be held accountable by network rules if you run amok.

The idea behind this invention is to make people accountable. After considerable research a basic rule for membership is that you must personally know and vouch for the person you allow to join the network and be able to prove their age, sex and identity or risk being expelled.

Someone who breaks the network rules not only jeopardizes their own membership but also the membership of the person that helped them join. In extreme cases such as pedophilia everyone associated with allowing that person onto the network would be questioned as to their suitability for membership.


Personal Data Blackbox

After reading about the recovery of the Air France 330 that crashed into the Atlantic last year losing all aboard, I somehow made the jump to the need for a Personal Black Box for all our personal and important data... images, documents, videos etc.

So what would a personal black-box achieve? It would be fire proof, waterproof... recoverable after an earthquake, flood or fire. It would be easy to access. It would have a wired and wireless connection capability with its own security. Namely data could be sent one way with one password and require another password to be accessed.

It would have a heartbeat system that raised the alarm if it lost power or was damaged in any way (for example if the hard drive detected damage to itself). A service would try to connect with the black-box at regular intervals and if unsuccessful send a series of alerts on an escalating schedule... It would try to contact you for a couple of days, then a second designee or a third or a fourth until it found s…

Updates on the Inventor Roadshow

The Inventor Roadshow is an idea by Ric Richardson to combine the sense of discovery of the Antiques Roadshow TV program and the positive value of helping inventors get real world feedback about their inventions.

Latest Update

Jan 6th 2012: It's been a long time but finally a meeting is set with a TV programmer to see what the future holds for the show.

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List of Music written or recorded by Ric Richardson

As you may have seen at the end of the Australian Story about him, Ric is a guitarist and also writes his own music. Most of the recording below are original compositions by Ric and are mostly in rough demo form as he has never attempted to become a recording artist. Most of the tracks feature either the actual drumming or the drum programming of Ric's life long friend Steve Cox. A couple of the tracks below actually ended up used on films. The track "Move It" was the soundtrack for a short film that accompanied the Australian Feature Film "Man from Snowy River" during its worldwide release. Another short film he provided music for ran with the "Muppet Movie". The music is the track entitled "Drive like hell". Ric still gets a royalty check for these films from time to time.

Last updated 9/9/2011

Freedom - Hendrix Cover - Ric (vocals and instruments), Steve Cox (Drums)Rock and Roll - Zep cover - Ric (vocals) Steve DrumsBlack Mountain Woman -…

Australian Story - Episode about Ric

In 2009, the renowned biographical and social commentating television show known as Australian Story aired an episode covering Ric and his battle to that time with Microsoft. In the first week of viewing it is estimated that 1.8 million Australians saw the show.

Below are links relating to that story:

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List of patents

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