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Inventor Roadshow TV show test in Bangalow 16th Jan 2010

It’s been a while since I last updated the blog and here is the reason…

The Inventor Roadshow.

It’s a concept for a television show that is designed to encourage buddying inventors and just people with good ideas to come in and share them with the aim of helping you get going with your invention or project.
The mini event is to be held in Bangalow near Byron Bay on Sunday 16th January is a little test to see how the idea works out…

Simply its Antiques Roadshow (the UK based BBC television show) but with Inventions rather than antiques. People bring their ideas into a community hall and have them assessed by professional investors or Venture Capitalists.

The experts chosen to help you have been screened to be supportive and upbeat so you will feel as comfortable as possible talking about your idea or invention.

For those of you I have helped over recent months, please feel free to go directly to the registration page by clicking above and registering for the event if you think you can …
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