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For the Sydney Uni students – an actual provisional patent filing

For the students who I spoke to at Sydney Uni last Friday I promised Id show a simple example of a patent to give them an idea of how it all works… this patent was abandoned after finding prior art but it show you how simple the provisional can be… in this case the drawings were hand drawn and very quickly processed…If this patent went to full application I’d use PowerPoint to redo the drawings in a more presentable way but basically the text would remain the same:This is for the patent  text This is for the patent drawingsWhat I liked about this patent was that the time from final drawings to filing was about 14 hours. The above pdfs were from the actual filings with the USPTO.

Presentation from todays seminar at Sydney University

The following presentation was done for some students from Sydney University who I spoke to about the importance of Intellectual Property to start up businesses.
The audience was smart but a lot more business oriented than invention oriented and the enthusiasm for invention and protecting great ideas just wasn't as important to this group as to most groups Ive spoken to.... this is not to say that there was not a lot of potential in the group.

The course is being put together by Matt Barrie from and Bill Bartee from Southern Cross Ventures so it is a serious education opportunity and i wish them both success in the future as they try to build the profile of the course over the coming years.

Intellectual Property and Startups on Prezi

The importance of Momentum·men·ta (-t) or mo·men·tums1. Symbol pPhysics A measure of the motion of a body equal to the product of its mass and velocity. Also called linear momentum.momentum = mass x velocityIn business terms this means the same thing. Bringing weight of experience and resources to bare (mass) with speed of execution (velocity).This lesson was classically illustrated today. I met some really smart surf tech types today with my mate Bob McTavish. They have a really great product and idea but were ginger about committing. They even have a patent but are all cautious and wary.What they have come up with is probably of real importance to the surf industry and they need to be careful that they are not run over by bigger players, but that is what the patents for.The meeting nearly went nowhere as they have limited resources and could not even give a sample to Bob to try out… then the breakthrough… the momentum.I convinced the guys to give Bob all the gear they had so that Bob could make his ow…

Reputation Driven Social Networks - 2 Sheeters

Recently I started using a tool I've called "2 sheeters" to help get a message across quickly and visually. In a recent business meeting I went through 5 fairly complex iPhone app concepts in about 20 minutes, mostly because I had a 2 sheeter for every concept... what do you think of the idea?

More news from the states regarding Uniloc

I can now talk about it because Uniloc’s CEO just announced that the total companies Uniloc has sued besides Microsoft has gone up to 60 now with 20 companies taking a license with the company.“The company, with U.S. offices in Irvine, California, has sued 60 companies and reached licensing agreements with more than 20”, Chief Executive Officer Brad Davis said in a telephone interview.

Another patent granted U.S. No. 7,804,079

Just got word that another of my patents has been granted in the US. This one has been assigned to Uniloc and covers the use of the imperfections in optical fibre to uniquely identify the location and identity of a device on a fibre optic network…Its pretty cool stuff if I don’t say so myself….For those of you into the technicalities here is the patent application info as I don’t think the patent database has been updated with the granted number yet…

Uniloc vs Microsoft Appeal Hearing completed

Last week the Appeal Court in the US had it’s hearing for arguments from Uniloc and Microsoft regarding the appeal against Judge Smith’s reversal of the jury verdict in favour of Uniloc.The panel of three judges asked a wide range of questions ranging from the technicality of the subject matter to justifying the settlement figure.For those of you following the case closely you can listen to a recording of the case online at: appeal court judges final decision can take weeks or months so I have no idea how long the wait will be at this stage.

Making your ideas fly - the book (outline)

I have been asked by dozens of people to consider writing a book about the process I use for my own projects. This mind map can be edited if you want to add some questions of notes so feel free... please comment on anything you would really love to see covered.

Map of Ric's Activities for fellow project workers

For those of you who I work with I have included a little mind map that you can help me edit to keep updated.
Use tab to create a new sub node and return to add a new peer node.

Please note: This is by no means complete but will become more comprehensive as my team members and the people I am working with fill in the blanks over time...
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