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The Tsunami watch

I was down Belongil beach this morning waiting to see if the Tsunami from Chile arrives... it hadn't by 9.10am so I headed home to attend to other matters. While down there I stood around with a couple of other locals watching surfers and people playing with dogs on the beach while having flashes of the images from the Indonesian tsunami and wondering whether I was a panic-ky girly man or just being sensible compared to all the other Aussies enjoying the ocean this Sunday morning.

There's something to be said for prudence.

On the other hand I came home to check the news feeds and saw hundreds of news items from the US. A small set of waves did hit Hawaii but the stories mushroomed into tales of emergency food buying and local panics. Its sad that some countries get no news about bad problems until it is too late and other get so much news that the news itself generates problems.
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