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Showing posts from December, 2009

Container dwellings

I have been looking at container based dwellings for some time now and am just amazed at the ingenuity that is being shown lately.

With a 40 foot container being available for less than $3000 it looks possible to get  a home decked out with IKEA gear for less than 20k. Also with its transportability the requirements of local government can be fairly easily accommodated and you end up with quite a respectable little place.

This looks cool... now if only you had a view out that window... maybe if you could locate it near a good coffee shop.. then you'd have... voila .. a dickmobile!

Prezi, a great way to do presentations

Normally I don't include web findings in the blog but this cool little technology really caught my eye. It's basically an infinate white board that allows you to automate a presentation from one section of the whiteboard to the next... really cool.
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