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Ric is on Australian Story - Mon 24th August at 8pm

By Site Admin - 19th August 2009. After two months in the making, one of the most reputable programs on Australian television, Australian Story, has featured Ric Richardson and a company he founded called Uniloc that received a jury verdict of $388 million US dollars.

The Australian Story episode couches the jury win in the context of Ric's life, his 16 year journey of building the business that is based on the invention he patented back in 1992 and how it has affected him since he decided to make his main base of operation back in Australia.

Some links you may enjoy include:
Background info on the people in the Australian Story such as IBM US Corporate veteran Ravi Marwaha and surfing legend Bob McTavish and even Ric's physical trainer.
Stories from Behind-the-scenes of this episode.
What it's like to be interviewed by Australian Story.
Answers to Questions many people have asked Ric about the show. Many people have asked why there is little mention of the Uniloc company or it…

Australian Story - what it's like to be interviewed

By Ric Richardson. Wed Aug 16th- 5 days before the show airs.
Being interviewed by Australian Story is not like any other interview experience I have ever had.

When the news of the Microsoft court case win first hit Australia I was inundated with requests for interviews by everyone from the news programs to “A current affair”. My initial reaction was to try and make something more constructive out of all the attention than simply being the guy who invented the thing that ended up winning a court case against Microsoft for $388 million.

A decent message takes more than a 5 minute snippet to communicate… so I bided my time, until my good friend Jim Revitt convinced me that a request from Australian Story should be taken seriously.

Having been away in the States for the last decade meant that I didn’t have any idea what Australian Story was like, but having a glowing reference from Jim (who I hold as one of Australia’s most valuable behind-the-scenes television people) meant it was well wor…

Exporting Ideas

At the outset please let me invite anyone who sees an opportunity with one of my inventions to email me... if you are an entrepreneur that would like the opportunity to run with one of these inventions, just say the word... I'm up for anything. That said I am also looking to set up a professional pipeline that takes patented technologies and ideas from Australia to the US in the most efficient way. The normal path to international success is to build your business here, and then once the product is proving itself, set sights on the US. Unfortunately in my mind this is like committing corporate suicide.
You can only raise money and you only have so much equity to trade for funding and before you know it you've used all your money and all your equity before you even get to the market that really matters.The approach I am developing and hope to set up for others to use is a strategy where Australia is only used for initial development and some limited market testing, w…

Australian Story - the people from the episode

This article is a quick introduction to the people interviewed in the Australian Story episode featuring Ric: Karen (Ric's wife), Jim Revitt, Steve Cox, Ravi Marwaha, Bob McTavish, Jim FitzSimons, Francois Naef

Also we will introduce you to the team from Australian Story who made the episode possible: Kent Gordon (Producer), Kristine Taylor (Researcher), Anthony Sines (Cameraman), Marc Smith (Sound)

And some people who should have been mentioned: Fred and Helen Richardson (Ric's Mum and Dad), Sky Richardson (Ric's brother and business manager), Lily Richardson (daughter), Craig Etchegoyen (business partner and good deeply trusted friend), Brad Davis (Exec at Uniloc and friend), The Uniloc team.


Karen Richardson (Ric's Wife)- Karen is Ric's wife and dearest friend who faithfully followed him as the journey took them to the States and back. In the episode Karen features strongly as a grounding influence that gives Ric relief …

Australian Story - Answers to viewers questions

Questions answered so far:Why hasn’t anyone from Uniloc featured in the Australian Story episode?What about your parents, Ric? Did they not have a part in your success? Why weren’t they interviewed for the story?Your business partner Craig Etchegoyen is mentioned but is not interviewed in the story. Is there something missing there?The case must have cost millions. How did Uniloc pay for it?The case must have been a big thing for you. Why didn’t you go over there for the proceedings?
Why hasn’t anyone from Uniloc featured in the Australian Story episode?
The people of Uniloc are a good and competent team and they should get credit for their part in the jury decision. However the enforcement of the patent only really involved a few members of the team and me as the inventor since its really about the patent and some of the facts surrounding our relationship with Microsoft over the years.There is also the fact that the judge has not as yet ruled on damages and there is a very r…

Australian Story - behind the scenes

The following are some little stories and background that may be of interest to you if have seen Ric’s episode of Australian Story. These notes are from Ric’s recollections:

Link to some behind the scene photos (shooting on location in Byron)

The McTavish surfing shot
The episode opens with a sequence of shots featuring surf legend Bob McTavish while he is surfing. The idea is to demonstrate how I was able to help Bob patent his ideas which would be worth millions if he had done this in the past with inventions such as his short surfboard.

When we first checked out the surf for the day of the shoot the beach we chose was in an out of the way place just north of Byron Bay. Within moments the police turned up doing their normal rounds and I thought we’d get in trouble parking the truck at a funny angle in the beach car park. As soon as they saw Bob they said a cheerful hello, asked the crew in a friendly way what they were doing, and looked on for a few moments. They were really cool abou…

Making your ideas fly

By Ric Richardson 19th August 2009. Expanded and updated 29th August. A lot of people I meet are desperate to try and see their ideas and inventions come to life. My heart goes out to you. Unfortunately I can’t help everyone and the fact is that I’m an inventor. Being an entrepreneur is only a necessary evil in my book since I’d prefer to invent something, make sure it works, and hand it off to someone so I can get on with the next thing.
Most people that meet me, need me to be an entrepreneur… to evaluate their idea or invention, to mentor them. Some people even privately or overtly ask me to invest. Unfortunately that person is not me for the most part. However I love sharing information and things I’ve learned about inventing. What follows is some things I’ve learnt over the years that may be of help:

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and the following advice is only based on my experience so please consult professionals before making important legal decisions.

This is usu…
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