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Paperback vending machine that BUYS books too

Last week I was sitting in Long Beach Airport waiting for a flight to New York wishing I could swap my nearly completed paperback for another title, and agonizing over whether to lug the book around for the next 3 days or throw it in the garbage. The answer... a paperback vending and collection machine that acts like a mini secondhand bookshop right there in the airport.

Here is how it would work:
Initially the vending machine could be stocked from local secondhand book shops but only with titles from the top100 selling list... and sorry no hard bound books.Just like a normal vending machine a book is selected and dropped into the access tray at the bottom of the machine for the user to access it.Books are arranged by their popularity... based initially on a list from Amazon's top selling list for example but eventually the list could come from the vending machines own data.How does the machine BUY books? The machine has a bar code scanner that can be used by the customer to check i…
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