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Bloglines - Helicopter for One Can Be Folded Up, Carried By One Person [Flying]

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This is classic

Helicopter for One Can Be Folded Up, Carried By One Person [Flying] By adam frucci on Russia
This wee helicopter is the Ka-56 "Wasp," a flying vehicle for one that can be folded down and carried by just one person. Designed and created in Soviet Russia in 1971, it doesn't seem to have really gotten beyond the prototype stage. I'm assuming that's because it's horribly dangerous, but it could be for any number of reasons. Guesses, dear commenters? Oh, and the first person to make a "In Soviet Russia, helicopter flies you!" joke gets banned as a Christmas present to me.
[English Russia]

A new way to look at Magazines Online

We are finally under way with an invention I developed back in June of 2007... it's called zkimmer and can be found at
The cool thing about zkimmer is that it takes a system we all know and use (google Maps) and applies it to pages of a magazine.. its so simple and easy to use and one of those obvious ideas that no ones thought of before....
Please have a look and tell me what you think.....

Returning to Blogger.. again

After following Scobles move to wordpress I just found the tools and flexibility of blogger insurmountable as an advantage.... unless I run my own server its not a real match... mobile posting, email posting, custom css, its really got big advantages.... so it looks like I'm on my way back....
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