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How-To: Stream almost anything using VLC - Engadget -

This article shows how to take the best media player I have used and set it up as a media streaming server... really good stuff. How-To: Stream almost anything using VLC - Engadget - "We will also demonstrate how to remotely control VLC using any web browser. Using these techniques you could stream video from your office computer to a laptop plugged into the living room TV and control the playlist with your PDA."

Firm stymied by 'hold' on patent

The trouble for TxFS began as investors began performing "due diligence" on the company's books. On surveying TxFS' competition, investors discovered that another company held a patent for a technology very similar to that of TxFS. Th

e firm bumped into what's known as a patent holding company, or "patent troller."

Trying out Netvouz... why?

When I was first shown I was amazed... but one gaping hole has been more and more evident and that is fast bookmarking and importing from explorer favorites...

Why is this important?

Well there is a little known capability of explorer that allows you to drag a page icon from the url address toolbar to the "favorites" icon which automatically adds the page to your favorites listing.... it does it instantly without going to another page and therefore allows you capture pages quickly without fuss...

Then all you need to do every now and then is do an export of the favorites using fil/export in explorer and import into Netvouz and you have all your favorite links captured for use anywhere...

Another trick I use a lot is placing a link to the favorites directory on my PC. This enables me to go to the directory and group delete, sort or move links (the favorite frame does not allow shift clicking to select multiple pages.

Wired News: Surfing Through the Power Grid

This article from Wired magazine resurrects a logical idea that fell during the dot bomb years... Broadband over power lines.... it looks like its finally seeing light of day again... this is a good simple approach to data delivery.

Wired News: Surfing Through the Power Grid: "Customers plug a BPL modem into any electrical wall socket, and send data over the city's electrical wires to substations. The substations are connected to the net by city-owned fiber-optic cables. Because the data travels at higher frequencies than electrical current, the two do not interfere with each other. "

Simple monitor hack.. 3 monitors on their side!

Below is the latest incarnation of my desktop monitor setup... a few things that Ive not seen anyone using that really are working out successfully.

My vertical viewing area goes from 1024 to 1280 pixels which is the same as paying for an expensive XUVGA monitor and video card.The three monitors side by side equal the same desktop space as two XUVGA monitors at 1/10th the cost.
Three 1024 wide by 1280 monitors actually give better veiwing of web pages and word docs than two WUVGA monitors! See full web pages without having to scroll and complete word docs in print layout.... it makes a BIG difference.

Look closely you will see that there are three Costco princeton monitors on their side! One is set at 90 degrees and the left most two are set at 270 degrees.

Not a real good shot but it shows a flickr page viewed in profile... since most web pages are limited to 800 or 1000 pixels wide you rarely have problems of web pages bleeding over the side of the desktop area, but get the benefit of n…

Inventist | Aquaskipper

Inventist Aquaskipper looks a bit decieving but this is a personal self propelled hydroplane. If you visit the site make sure you look at the video... it really explains how it works... a wonderful invention.

Outsourcing... girl Firday services

This article is a real gem… showing how the writing is on the wall for developed nations when 3rd world workers are so eager. It tells of a writer who uses a girl Friday service in India to simplify his professional and personal life… from India the service ordered Amazon books, interfaced with business associates and handled family matters for the boss…. Really intriguing.

Personal Storyboarding... interesting idea

From an article called A Jolly, Socratic Science
This guy named Avi Solomon uses home made storyboards as an interesting way to make a personal narrative of his life. Interesting idea and worth ruminating on
From the site:“Storyboards are routinely used in the movie making business to 'preview' a movie before a single shot is taken. Not only does a storyboard allow for a dress rehearsal of the final product but by the very fact of being posted on the wall,it elicits early feedback and encourages quick, painless editing, leading to significant savings in time and resources.”And more:
Disney was a storyboarding freak! A storyboard is an apt metaphor for how we make sense of our own life history. Storyboarding can be used to sense emergent patterns in our own life story and to envision the life experiences that we wish to welcome into our future.”

Definitely worth a peek.

Byron Photos... beautiful

Another pic of Byron at the pass I just picked this up on a flickr RSS feed...

Coastal Watch

This is a graphic from a surf site that lets you see the surf in Byron Bays main sand point break called the Pass in REALTIME. Have a look. It’ll make you wish you were home. Beautiful B&W photo from Flickr.

Understanding blogs

The last 30 or so entries in my blog show how you can get lost between what a blog is and bookmarking... since the last entry here and now I have discovered and now grab all the interesting pages I run into and collect them there.... but there still is a place for this blog... to fill in friends family and fellow enthusiasts with anything that seems worthy of commenting on, explaining and sharing... so here goes the new flavor of Richo blog....

Slashdot | A Glimpse at the Linux Desktop of the Future

Slashdot | A Glimpse at the Linux Desktop of the Future"Every now and then we see articles pointing out "what's wrong with Linux on the desktop." This one gives a nice overview not only of the problems we all know, but also where to look for solutions (app dirs, smarter filesystems) and what's out there (projects trying to change the face of Linux, like Klik, Zero Install and GoboLinux). Still, it usually boils down to things that Mac OS X already has or that are/were touted for inclusion on MS Longhorn. Fortunately, the major desktops stopped playing catch and are focusing on forward-looking Linux projects, like KDE Plasma and Gnome Beagle. Interesting times ahead."

How to start using BitTorrent to download files -

This is a really well written explanation of getting started with BitTorrent. Most people too quickly cringe when they here someone using the software and acuse them of being a pirate, buyt a very real need recently arrived where I had to send a 770 mb media file to a supplier for testing and we spent over a week trying to set up ftp sites to get the job done... a simple Bittorrent session would have solved the problem... its really great software. How to start using BitTorrent to download files -

DrumCore : Cool drum machine sampler player tool

Submersible Music offered up two new DrummerPacks ($79 each) for its drum-part creating application DrumCore. One pack features reggae legend Sly Dunbar, and the other Zoro, who's worked with a variety of artists including Lenny Kravitz and Bobby Brown. Each pack contains a collection of loops, fills, and single hits.DrumCore : Home

Guess where this goes!

Missed this little offshoot looks like it goes for miles and miles. Worth investigating next time. Doesn’t look like road but more trail.Yet another fantastic view from the google satellite… how cool is this?

Heel driven bass drum pedal... greta for unco drummers like me.

This heel driven bass drum pedal is just what the doctor ordered for someone like me who has tow fron foot coordination problems... plus you can seem to play harder... now just to convince the better half that a drum kit would not deafen the household!

Kaleidescape DVD copying machine

This device is a really cool DVD burner. Wonder how copyright is handled by the maker... but basically put DVDs in and then they get auto stored and made available for playback over the Network...

Spying on the spyware makers

This article gives good insight into the people trying to get a handle on how the spyware programs get onto and take over a users PC. What is really interesting is the fact that big name companies are involved with spyware campaigns and how "legitimate" spyware has become to some marketing types. Its worth a read if you are erked by spyware bombardment.

Washing down after ride #1

Sunday was fun. A few water crossings and a few monos with a good mate.

Links regarding the Wildomer OHV Area

This page discusses limitations for riding in the Wilomar area... its only 400 acres which sounds a bit small.

Australian Currency Chart

This link is a chart showing the recent trend and last trading rate for the Australian Dollar. To date comments have been pushing for a devaluation based on over heated real estate values. Well see what happens in the next 6 months.

Bike design works the angles

This design from a team at Purdue University took first place in the 9th International Bicycle Design Competition. Called Shift, it's meant to help toddlers get their bearings and keep their balance when learning how to pedal on their own.

Article includes really great explanation of how the wheels change attitude as speed increases.

Indian Inventor improves on combustion engine

Hats off to this Indian inventor who has a new approach to combustion chambers that makes a lot of sense… he places grooves in the head of the chamber and uses a squashed chamber design to encourage turbulence that encourages more mixing of the fuel and oxygen, and thus burns up to 20% cleaner… what a great idea.

Popular Science: Future of Cars

The future of the car is discussed on the Popular Science Magazine site at:

Shots from a kite

This is a pic from a kite using a digital camera attached to it. The guy who thinks up these kinds of whacky things runs a web site called he does some really interesting things.

Guess what's New

Green sticker and raring to go.

Blog Addition by Email.

Just discovered that I can add blog entries via email. Today the layout was changed and I looked at adding more services to the page… come back sson to see more news. Ric

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