Sound share patent sale response strong

Thanks so much to all of you who have shown interest in the Sound wave based sharing application patent. There are a number of serious interested parties and I have decided to make the process of working with them all a bit simpler by posting a link to the supporting documentation for the patent here:

The link goes to a zip file with all the files encrypted so all I need to do is send a password to the person making the inquiry.

The package includes:

  • Clip of filing data.png - A clip from the IP Australia site documenting the provisional patent filing data.
  • System for automated sharing of data using common sound analysis.pdf - The patent specification
  • Sound sharing fig1.jpg, Sound sharing fig2.jpg - Two jpegs with figures 1 and 2 from the patent.
  • Soundsharepatentpriorart.pdf - Notes from my prior art search
  • Soundsharepatentexecutionstrategy.pdf - An outline of my patent execution strategy for this patent based on certain milestones and options
  • SoundshareSoftwaredesignandcomponentstrategy.pdf - Software design and component strategy
Since the eventual owner will not want this important information all over the internet I would ask that you include in your request for the package some information about yourself so I know that the information is only going to serious buyers... I apologize for that but it is in the best interests of everyone including you if you are the person that buys the patent.

Thanks for your patience.
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