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I may have been a little hasty in making my email available as I have had over 200 requests for help from Inventors... which is both a privilege and a bit overwhelming... I am trying to work out what to do. A this rate i will have booked out a whole year of pro bono Fridays. Please be patient with me as I try to work out what to do to try and help. Apologies. Also just topped the 3,000 visitor mark from the latest Australian Story. I think the interest is more about the fact that the average Aussie is a closet inventor! On a recent trip to Sydney dozens of people said hello to me and Karen and most of them confessed to having a heritage of tinkering. Well if I can be a part of encouraging that I'm all for it. Ric

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  1. Hello Ric. I am just watching you on Australian Story. I just want to say, 'Good on you!' for being strong and fighting when you were stolen from.
    Also, you have touched me because of yours and your wife's and daughter's health. I face similar battles to what you do health-wise and I just want to encourage you to spend some time, money and effort on solving your health issues, so you can all be around, for the benefit of yourselves and this world, for a very long time.
    Bless you. Lisa J Stiller

  2. I don't need your help Ric, but I just wanted to say how prowd I am to be an Australian after watching this last episode of Australian Story. You and your family are wonderful people. And I say this because my husband and I arrived back in Australia yesterday after a holiday in Phuket where we were evacuated from the airport 20 mins before we were due to board our plane because of the Tsunami warning. Let me tell you we saw some really bad behaviour from people who should have been helping others, It really did open my eyes and I was a little disheartened by human behaviour, it has been playing on my mind, then I watched A.S. It was very heart warming to see you helping those that could be taken advantage of or maybe not see their dreams fulfilled. Thank you xx

  3. Hi Ric just watched ABC24's Australian Story feature, and would like to say congrats on the big win against Microsoft.

    Prior, I did read about your story but the tv coverage did bring up an interesting point I didn't even realise, that Microsoft would after the case be a customer of Uniloc now ! For 3 yrs Microsoft is the enemy but now a customer, some awkward moments in the future for sure. Now everytime I activate a piece of Microsoft software, I'll be thinking of Uniloc :)

    Ric, maybe invent a new software/process to take in, filter and organise and categorise patent ideas and applications from conception to reality.

    Or maybe setup a Patent think tank/mentoring company and gather other like minded inventors or folks experienced in area of patents who share your vision of helping other inventors get their idea off the ground. Pretty sure there will be more than 200 requests for help soon and I'm sure you like to have your own time for inventing :)

    Anyway, Ric you're in inspiration to inventors and closet inventors (dreamers with ideas taking the next step) :)

  4. Hi Rick and Karen

    I am no an inventor nor do I need anything except to say I am full of admiration for you and your journey and more power to you.

    Good to see and hear some good Australian stories and find it has not all gone to your head ... Look forward to hearing news of your next exiting venture.

    David - Mosman

  5. Hi Ric,

    Not much of a surprise with the emails, does that mean you don't want any more clogging up your inbox for a while? My Father-In-Law saw the show and rang me to tell me to look you up cos he thought the familial similarities were amusing. Would love to send you and Karen an email to introduce myself and my hubby and share our story (computers, programming, quantum physics, invention, health, and animals), but don't want to add to your email woes. :P
    BTW does anyone remember when captchas were actually words? The captcha below is hesessco ionshice. This dictionary doesnt even know what that is. lol

  6. Hi just use the probono link above and fill out the form so I can fit you in... it will take some time but ill get around to trying to help.

  7. Thanks Ric. I'm not after help, I just like satisfying curiosity, meeting new people and finding out just how small the world is. :) In California, when you say you're from Perth, do you get everyone asking if you know such-and-such? We are part of a worldwide organisation where we have friends anywhere we go (except 3 countries) and when we went to L.A. everyone assumed we'd know all their friends in Perth. I guess Im doing the same thing, trying to examine the degrees of separation theory and find connections in Sydney. :P

  8. Hello Ric, I always watch Australian Story and I particularly enjoyed your rendition. It's good to see the "little bloke" come out on top for a change. A real life David and Goliath story. I have about 150 ideas and inventions that have manifested themselves in my noggin over the past 40 years. I realise that they are not all world beaters but I have identified about 30 that definately have commercial potential. I won a WA Inventor Of The Year competition about 20 years ago with a foam marker I called THE PATHFINDER FOAM MARKER and I have had some success with a number of my other inventions. I have two inventions with a company in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania USA at present. The name of the company is Davison (you can google it) and they develop inventions from whoa to go. One of them has the potential to reduce deaths in an automobile fire after an accident by up to 50%. Davison is negotiating with a large corporation in the USA to market the device throughout northern America but it is a slow process. The reason I went with a company in the USA to develop my ideas is that I could not get venture capital to develop them in Australia so I have taken out 3 loans (against my house) to proceed to this stage. I have no doubt that you are aware of the trials and tribulations of trying to develop inventions in Australia and of the frustrations it brings with it. One of the problems I have with Davison is that they keep watering down my ideas (eliminating some of the features) and to me it makes them less appealing to would be distributors and buyers. I am aware that Davison could be right in their way of developing my ideas and I hope they're right as it doesn't matter as long as they can come to some sort of agreement with a distributor. I am relying on them to get me a contract so that I can develop some of my other inventions. I have developed an engine monitoring system I call MOTORSCAN and a gas detector for boats called THE BEAGLE SNIFFER. As you would have had more experience than I in commercialising an idea I would appreciate it if you could advise me of where I go from here. I live in Western Australia so we are on opposite sides of the continent. I have a company name which I am going to register to develop some of my other inventions. I have quite a number of working prototypes (or as I like to call them, proof of concept prototypes)and I do help locals with their ideas if I can.


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