Crikey reports 1.3 million watched Australian Story

Web site Crikey reports that the episode of Australian Story featuring the final chapter of the Uniloc Microsoft story and inventor Ric Richardson attracted 1.3 million viewers. The previous largest rating for the year was the Gina Reinhardt story screened the previous week. The figures are particularly interesting given that this rating happened on a holiday Monday which usually draws a smaller number of viewers. Well done Australian Story.

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  1. Ah Ric, you are an Aussie Battler, that what Australians love :)

  2. Hey Ric,

    I just wanted to say - from one IT professional to another - well done on sticking to your guns and forcing Microsoft to do a deal and pay up! Their behaviour was completely unconscionable.


    Steve Phillips

  3. massive congratulations uniloc!!
    ..and, thankyou microsoft for finally admitting fault, (albeit with no small amount of prodding;)


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