Reputation Driven Social Network

This concept is based on the simple premise that your membership in the network is based upon having at least two people who are willing to vouch for you and who can be held accountable by network rules if you run amok.

The idea behind this invention is to make people accountable. After considerable research a basic rule for membership is that you must personally know and vouch for the person you allow to join the network and be able to prove their age, sex and identity or risk being expelled.

Someone who breaks the network rules not only jeopardizes their own membership but also the membership of the person that helped them join. In extreme cases such as pedophilia everyone associated with allowing that person onto the network would be questioned as to their suitability for membership.


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  1. Hi Ric - I think this is a very scalabe idea that would have a competitive advantage over other social networks as the strength and quality of the relationships is inherently stronger than often peripheral linkages. Therefore, this may result in an initial lower number of members, however, I think the members would have a stronger connection to this network based on a higher level of “trust” which is built on reputation.
    I think that the community should determine the “reputation” of the individual members. This would need to be differentiated from LinkedIn’s functionality which allows people to post endorsements and recommendations for each other. I like the idea of the community developing a self-organised approach to what constitutes a strong reputation. Is it industry participation? Is it client work? Is it contributing to policy government/community organizational development?
    In summary, I think this concept could develop into a hybrid of community behavior such as “Like” on Facebook and “Recommendations” from LinkedIn… with one more component which validates their participation/contribution/professionalism (I don’t know what this is yet!?)
    Would like to continue to mould this idea with others in the discussion.


  2. Very impressed with your proposal.
    Intergration available as an extension to a business network.
    Business referral networks attempt to work toward this scenario, ie referral of reputable business operators into a community and invitees then given per earnt credibility on the basis of the the referral by existing members, ie BNI.
    A system of black banning of misbehaving members would potentially prove difficult? Do you have suggestions?


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