Breaking 100 year old Tesla Mystery

Over 100 years ago Nikola Tesla patented a method for distributing power WITHOUT WIRES.... but no one was ever able to use his patent to make it work...

Until Now.

A central coast inventor and a team of founders think they have cracked the problem by focusing the electricity and minimizing electro magnetic radiation.

The site talking about their plans and showing how to do your own tests is at . The site is sponsored by me to help them get their project evaluated by Australia's academic community and to get some real world feedback before we head out finding capital to do a large scale test.

I helped them get their patent and now want to see it independently evaluated before taking it to the next level.

Tesla claimed that any amount of energy could be sent any distance underground at as little as 2% loss of energy. I want to be there when Keith Howard and his team make this work.

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  1. Hi Rick, Brian Usher here (Ocean Road Magazine) Glad to see you are still pumping out the inventions. Let me know when you have something that our readers would like and we can have a chat.


    1. Hi Bryan... bit early yet but as it picks up steam I think everyone will want to know... thanks for keeping in touch mate.

  2. effing W.O.W.
    beyond well done boys.
    (tesla; absolute legend)

  3. Good stuff Ric,but the urban legend in America was that J.P Morgan quashed the invention after Tesla proved it at the worlds fair,and he realized that electric services would be virtually free.I thought it was transmitted through the air?The quote provided sounds like modern underground cable.


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