Cherio from Ric to all the visitors coming in from the Sydney Morning Herald news site.


A little message for all of you visiting from the Sydney Morning Herald article that appeared today.

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  1. Hey Ric
    If your achievements were in the sporting field you would be up there with Don Bradman, however we live in a country that doesn't recognise brilliance in any other area.
    But if your story inspires more people to study mathematics, science and engineering the better it will be for all, too many useless lawyers in this world already
    Will continue to follow your adventures with interest

  2. Hello, just wanted to say I came over from TheAge website after reading the article and wanted to say I found it incredibly inspiring and that you sound like an amazing person! Good on ya and good luck on the case! If you ever wrote a book one day I'd love to read it. The world needs more inspiring people like you and it's made me proud to be an aussie part of a place where cool people like you exist. Totally gonna give your blog a read and yeah. Keep chuggin' Ric! (I love the fact you have chooks, do you have ducklings too?) All the best in future endeavours! (How can you still be nice to such a rude waitress?! >:O grrr!)

  3. Hey Ric,

    And thank you for the message. I had read an article about you - or seen a documentary - a few years back so good to hear that you're still keeping busy.

    Good to hear about a commercially successful Australian inventor. Americans tend to do a better job at commercialising although maybe that's just a myth.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Great Story Mate!!!, ide love to have a chat about some ideas i have,

  5. Ric,

    Just wanted to say what an inspiration you are, and like all Australians, we love a good bloke and his wife, that just want to do what they love and do it well. Not to mention the odd David and Goliath battle.

    Will be now a regular visitor to your blog.

    Keep up the great work.


  6. Hi Ric,

    The article said you have a website where you put inventors in contact with Investors. Would you mind sharing the URL of this website?

  7. Hi Ric,

    Sorry to hassle you with another comment but they don't seem top be getting through. Can you publish the URL of the site where you connect up Inventors with Investors? Thanks

  8. Hi Ric, My name's Ben Druitt and I'd love it if you cast your eye over an idea I've had for a few years. I think you might be interested. I run a small IT Consultancy in Victoria.

  9. Hi Ric,
    I work for a not-for-profit engineering organisation at Sydney Uni. I'd very much like to get in touch with you to discuss an initiative (no funding required!). Is there a way to do this?
    The Warren Centre

  10. Hey Ric,

    I've been following your story for sometime. I have just started an ICT company and you have been a source a great inspiration for me!


  11. Hi Ric, I loved the SMH story, and would also like to make contact with you regarding a possible interview on a local blog called Very Byron ( . My email details are with this comment. Cheers Prue


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